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Sockittome Select

I would like to present to you my new favorite yarn, the Sockittome Select!

  • Weight: Fingering
  • Yards: 450
  • Grams: 100
  • Colour: African Gray

I have started knitting a cardigan for my self in this beautiful yarn. I will show you some pictures as soon as I have charged the battery.


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This is one of my favorite patterns, the Cobblestone Pullover by Jared Flood. Yesterday I finished this pullover that I have knitted for my grandfather in Lucca Tweed. I used needles size 7/4,5mm. The tweed effect looks great especially for men. The garments looks a bit rougher I think. I needed 5 hanks of LuccaTweed tub72 for size XL. This is a very easy pattern and I’m so pleased with the finished product. My grandfather loved the pullover and he is wearing it on a ski arrangement to day. The Lucca Tweed yarn gives the garments a very soft and light look.

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I have started a new project in our new Suri Lace Alpaca called the Voyager Lace Stole by Shui Kuen Kozinski and Benne Ferrell. I found the pattern after a quick search on www.ravelry.com. The Suri Lace Alpacais so light and lovely and I have never knitted with a yarn this thin. I’m using size 2/3mm. needles. I have chosen the colour Wild Cherry. The colour is a mix of Pinks, reds and purple colours. The pattern consists og small harts and I just love the look of it.


This is where you can get a free copi of the pattern: https://www.elann.com/ShowFreePattern.asp?Id=258024.

This is the heart pattern.

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The first sign

I allways get very happy when I find the first Coltsfoot of the season. This one is found in Meldal.

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A broken wather pipe

Yesterday morning I was sitting infront of the TV knitting, then suddenly this strange sound appears. I looked outside the window and this is what I saw.

The wather pipe in our garden had burst. It was wather everywhere around the house. Luckily we live on the first floor so our apartment was not damaged of the wather. Both of the familys living on graund level has to move out of their homes while the floors and the kitchen is being changed. One of the men from the building company said that they may not be in before the summer…..


This is how ower lawn looks to day after they have changed the wather pipe. Dirt, mud and stones everywhere and a big excavator right outside our window.

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Suri Lace Alpaca

Together with my mum I run the net shop www.mergarn.no. Now we launch a new yarn in our shop, Suri Lace Alpaca! This is a lace weight yarn that is very well suited for fine lace shawls. One hank of 50g. is enough to knit one shawl of medium size.

This is the five different colours we have in our shop:

Indian Summer

Old Rose

Wild Cherry

Moody Blues


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My Silk Top With Flowers was finished one day past the deadline. My aim was to have it done by the end of February but when you have a three month year old baby you don’t always control your own time. 

The yarn Soft Silk is maid out of 100% bourette silk. I have never knitted with silk before so this was a new experience for me. The thread is not elastic and that’s a strange feeling for someone who is used to knit with wool. I really like the rustic texture of this yarn. For more info on this yarn look at the post below or go to www.mergarn.no

Both the yarn and the pattern for this top is available for you to by at www.mergarn.no.

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