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A friend asked me to knit this shawl for her and this is the beginningof the project. A beautiful shawl with pearls and a easy pattern. This is a perfect project for our car trip to Oslo next weekend 🙂 My husbands aunt turned 50 years old in the beginning of April and as a present she is getting is a make over at Jan Thomas Studio. So the whole family is traveling to Oslo next weekend to support her. 

The pattern for this shawl was in one of the Norwegian family magazines around Easter. I am using needles size  3,25 and shetlandsuld from our net shop.

I have invited some friends over for knitting on Sunday. Hopefully the weather will be nice so that we can sit outside 🙂 If you also want to come, the door is open 🙂


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My mum designed this pattern in 2007. If you like it and want to knit a pair for your self you can find the pattern at www.mergarn.no for free.

This is one of the new yarns in our net shop and it`s called Supersock Select Semi-Solids. This is the most fantastic sock yarn I have tried in the last two years.  Arwetta and the two supersock yarns are my favorites. I have used needles nr. 2,5. This colour is called Dusty Rose.



Good night everyone….

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Yesterday on the 22nd I turned 21 years old. This is the present I got from my daughter and husband. A full sett of circular needles and a full sett of sock needles from Knit Picks. I knew what the present was because we ordered it when we visited Marge in Duluth, Minnesota. Knit Picks don`t ship to Norway so this was a unique and wonderful gift. I have all ready tried them out and I just love the feel of this needles.

A couple of days ago I joined a knit along hobbyboden. This is a Cookie A. sock along and we shall knit all the socks in her book Sock innovation. The first pair are called Glynis after her mother-in-law. The start date for this along is on the 27th. of April. Therefore I had to start knitting an other pair of socks this Monday, I all ways have to have a pair of socks on my needles.

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We have just got home from a trip to the US, visiting my housbands houstmother. He lived with her for one year when he was in high school. In Duluth, Minnesota i found a fantastic yarn shop called Yarn Harbour. We whent in to the shop three times in four days, so the wemen who worked there all got to know us three norvegians. They had just resived the book sock-invention from Cookie A. and I have been dreaming of it since I hear about the book.

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We have just got some new yarn in our shop. mergarnThe Supersock Select Semi-Solids from Cherry Tree Hill. I have never seen a yarn in so intense colors, just love it. This is also the newest yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. The yarn is so soft and durable, designed for socks but it can be used for other projects such as shawls, mittens and jackets.


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Odas first tooth popped out today and we are so exited. She is now 4 1/2 months old and a very active baby. She loves to spend time on the floor laying on here belly playing with here toys. This is a picture of Oda and her grandfather from earlier today.

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